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FAQ: How to Tell Difference Between Covid-19 and Flu


COVID 19 is the hottest topic right now on the internet not because it is a pandemic but also because most of us are sceptical about the symptoms. Since this disease share most of the symptoms with common flu, like cold or allergies. If you are also confused then let us tell you about the difference between the symptoms of COVID 19 and common flu.

Symptoms: COVID 19 vs Flu vs Cold

First look at the table below and see what symptoms you or the concerned person showing and decide whether its the flu, cold or COVID 19.

Credits: WebMD

This table has been released by WebMD and has a very clear view of the symptoms of the COVID 19 vs the cold and the flu. If you still have some questions then keep reading this article find out more about the COVID 19.


Q. What are the Initial Symptoms of COVID 19?

A. The initial symptoms are fever, cough and difficulty in breathing. Although difficulty in breathing is a higher stage, a patient may show this symptom in earl stage if he/she already has some respiratory illness.

Q. Is sneezing a symptom of COVID 19?

A. Sneezing has been reported in some cases of COVID 19 but sneezing is not “only” means that you have COVID 19. Although sneezing is a way from which COVIS 19 can be transmitted so make sure to use a tissue while sneezing or sneeze in your armpit and clean it with soap as soon as possible.

Q. What to do if my neighbour has been found positive for COVID 19?

A. First, separate yourself from the rest of the family and then keep track of your health for the next 14 to 28 days. If you develop any of the symptoms like fever, cough or shortness of breath then consult your doctor.

Q. Should I get myself tested for COVID 19?

A. Do not rush to any path lab just for the sake of satisfaction or if you are confused. First, calm yourself and carefully examine your symptoms. If you find any symptom which makes you think you have COVID 19 then consult a doctor to decide whether to get tested or not.

Wrapping up

I am sure this information may have helped you with the information you needed about the COVID 19 disease. If you want to know more about COVID 19, then contact the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on +91-11-23978046.


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