Flipkart Now Supports Five New Indian Languages


Flipkart recently held its annual Big Saving Days sale, giving away massive discounts on various products, including smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets. To garner more customers in India, Flipkart will now support five regional languages, allowing users to pick their choice.

Flipkart Now Supports Five New Indian Languages

Flipkart Introduces New Languages

The new languages include Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada. The Twitter post from Flipkart’s official account also provides instructions on how to set the preferred language on Flipkart.

To change the language on Flipkart, open the Flipkart app in which you’ve signed in on your smartphone. Open the menu tab > select the ‘Choose Language’ tab. Here, the menu opens to the list including the five different languages, along with English. Select your choice and save. You can now shop on Flipkart with the language of your choice.

Bringing in more languages to support is surely a positive move. However, irrespective of the language selected, the products will largely be in English. We can expect to see the product description, details, billing details, and so on to be in the regional language. The move surely helps people, especially for those who are uncomfortable with English.

Flipkart Vs Amazon: Languages Support

Flipkart and Amazon have been head-to-head in business competition in the online retail sector. Backed by Walmart, Flipkart has made headway in the market. On the other hand, Amazon has established itself as a global brand. The new language support by Flipkart has further upped the competition between the two brands.

To note, Amazon India presently supports languages, which are Hindi and English. But being a brand with a large global presence, Amazon has brought in a lot of international language support, including Chinese, French, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, and more. But if we’re looking only at India, then yes, Flipkart has taken things a step further with more regional language support.

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