Flipkart Upcoming Sales: Details On All Remaining Flipkart Sales Of 2020


Flipkart is one of the trending platforms when it comes to price cuts and discounts on kinds of goods. The Indian e-commerce shopping site recently hosted the Flipkart Diwali Dhamaka sale that gave away several goods including smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets at jaw-dropping prices. Now that the sale is done, we’re curious about the next Flipkart sale.

Details On All Remaining Flipkart Sales Of 2020

When Is Next Flipkart Sale?

For all those curious like us, you needn’t wait much longer. Indeed, Diwali is over, but we have many other occasions coming up to shop and celebrate. This is also why Flipkart will be hosting several other sales on its platform. Here’s a list of the upcoming Flipkart sale dates and details:

Flipstart Days Sale

No, this isn’t a typo! Flipkart will be hosting a ‘Flipstart Days’ sale pretty soon. The Flipstart Days sale is scheduled for 1 December and will go on till 3 December. The precise details on what the sale will offer are still under wraps. However, this will be the first sale of December and will likely promise price cuts on several goods, including gadgets.

Flipkart TV Days Sale

Starting with the Flipkart TV Days sale, this one is right around the corner. As the name suggests, the upcoming sale is dedicated to smart TVs. If you’ve missed your chance to buy a smart TV at the Diwali sale, you can check out the discounts and price cuts at the Flipkart TV Days sale, scheduled to start on 15 December to 18 December.

Flipkart Year End Sale

The Flipkart TV Days sale will be followed by the Flipkart Year End sale. This might be one of the most exciting Flipkart sales as it will bring in a lot of discounts on a wide range of commodities. The Flipkart Year End sale is expected to offer the lowest price on mobile best-sellers. This might also up the competition against rival Amazon. The Flipkart Year End Sale will go on from 21 December to 23 December.

Flipkart Jingle Days Sale

The Flipkart Jingle Days sale will likely be the last sale from the Indian retailer before the year ends. As the name suggests, the Flipkart Jingle Days sale is around Christmas, scheduled to go on from 25 December to 29 December. As the last sale of 2020, the Flipkart Jingle Days sale is expected to offer a discount on all electronics, including smart gadgets.

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