Google Delivers $5,000 Worth Of Devices To User By Mistake


Google Store is an online hardware device shipper, managed by Google. It sells many accessories like Google Pixel devices, Nest products, earbuds, phone cases, chargers, etc. And, there are times when these e-commerce websites make errors while shipping.

Google Delivers $5,000 Worth Of Devices To User By Mistake

One such recent of shipping error occurred from Google recently. A buyer who only ordered a black Pixel 4 but received the devices worth about $5,000 instead.

The buyer posted a story of this wrong shipping from Google on Reddit. He mentioned that he had ordered a black Pixel 4 with a price tag of $500. But when he received the package, he found that it contained a total of ten devices, costing around $5,000.

The buyer further mentioned that he thought for a moment that he had won a lottery. He even thought he would keep all the phones but his wife and he decided that they would return the extra phones to Google.

Despite not wanting to, when he informed Google of their wrong shipping, Google asks for pictures of their packing slips and products. The picture sent by the buyer had only extra phones as he had taken out his device.

Finally, the company informs the buyer that FedEx will go to pick up the devices. It took Google more than two days to report that. However, the tracking slip listed only eight phones, leaving the ninth one is unaccounted.

Eventually, Google collects the first eight phones from the buyer and then asks the buyer to send the additional phone along with another tracking slip.

In the end, maybe everything is settled but the buyer has to deal with some problems. They just kept their device and did the right thing by returning the rest of the phones.

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