Google In-App Commission Extended In India Following Uproar


Google has taken some measures to ease the building tension with Indian developers. The Google in-app commission of 30 percent has been pushed back until March 31, 2022, in India. The move comes right at the time as Indian developers and entrepreneurs began revolting against the monopolistic nature of Google.

Google In-App Commission Extended In India Following Uproar

Google In-App Commission: What Is That?

Recently, Google brought in a mandate billing system and offer a commission to Google for in-app purchases. The company planned to make it mandatory for all apps available on the Google Play Store. However, several entrepreneurs including Paytm’s Vijay Shekhar Sharma and GOQii’s Vishal Gondal debated on Google’s monopolistic nature and talked about starting an alternative.

Soon after, several app developers and entrepreneurs joined in the protest against the Google in-app purchase. And now, we even have the new Paytm Mini App Store, launched exclusively for Indian developers.

Google In-App Commission Extended In India

The Google in-app commission has set a deadline as September 30, 2021, for all global developers. However, the company has given an extended timeline, specifically for Indian developers. The company’s blog post says the extension is to “ensure they have enough time to implement the UPI for subscription option that will be made available on Google Play – for all apps that currently use an alternative payment system”.

Following the uproar from Indian app developers, Google is also setting up ‘listening sessions’ with startups. Policy Workshops to give better clarity will also be set up, the blog post notes. To note, the in-app commission has been around for a while now, but it hasn’t been implemented as a default condition for all apps on Google Play yet.

Google In-App Commission Extended: What This Means For India

India is one of the largest Android markets in the world, relying heavily on Google Play for all apps. The extension of in-app commission exclusive for India could help ease the tensions with Indian developers. However, as Paytm has already launched an alternative, it remains to see how other developers will react to it. If the Paytm Mini App store is a hit in India, it would severely affect Google services in the country.

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