Google India Launches ‘YouTube Learning Destination’ To Teach Students From Home


Google India has introduced a new learning platform, named ‘YouTube Learning Destination’ to help guardians, students, and educators continue learning and teaching from home during this lockdown situation. It will provide you effective and high-quality learning content created by experienced creators on YouTube.

Google India Launches 'YouTube Learning Destination' To Teach Students

According to Google’s post ‘YouTube Learning Destination’ features content in English and Hindi, along with Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and Marathi for now. The content will be made available very soon in other Indian languages ​​as well. The YouTube Learning Destination can be evaluated from the explore tab on mobile and desktop.

Google states in its blog post that the YouTube Learning Destination has the full breadth of learning needs, from curriculum-relevant topics to interest-based content like physics, math, biology, curriculum, study hacks, language skills, and photography.

Bani Dhawan who is the head of Google’s education department said, to help facilitate the transition to distance learning during this lockdown time, we launched free access to premium features of Google Meet, which enables 250 participants in a single video conference, to increase enterprise-grade video-conferencing capabilities for educational customers worldwide, for all users.

Google has also accelerated its efforts to bring people reliable information about COVID-19. The company has also introduced a new feature to help people find food and night shelters. Google has worked with the Indian government to bring this feature to Indian users.

This new feature is also available via Google Maps, Search and Google Assistant. Additionally, Google India has also announced a helpline number. This helpline number is mainly for feature phones because it allows 2G users to simply call a number to access Google Assistant.

Google claims that it has arranged training and tips via the ‘Learn From Home’ hub. It has collaborated with FICCI Arise and has trained more than 250 schools in 23 states so far.

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