Google Releases Second Android 11 Developer Preview With New Features


Google has launched the second Android 11 developer preview also known as DP2. The company has released the second preview with certain changes and improvement which help developers to improve the build. The DP2 comes with a series of new features which also includes an addition to face unlock system called ‘Require eyes to open’ toggle.

Google Releases Second Android 11 Developer Preview With New Features

This new feature will not unlock the smartphone if the users’ eyes are not open. Besides it also comes with features like 5G state API, hinge detection for the foldable devices, different refresh rates for apps and games.

Back in October 2019, Google promised that the company will bring a fix for the unlock feature which was unlocking the Pixel 4 device even when the users weren’t looking at the device. The company has kept the promise and introduced the fix earlier this month. However, it seems that the fix didn’t work out on the Pixel 4 devices.

Folks at Android Police tested the new feature with developers preview Android 11 and reported that the features are working with and without glasses, and also in different light conditions.

“Today’s release is for developers only and not intended for daily or consumer use, so we’re making it available by manual download and flash only for Pixel 2, 3, 3a, or 4 devices. To make flashing a bit easier, you can optionally get today’s release from the Android Flash Tool. For those already running Developer Preview 1 or 1.1, we’re also offering an over-the-air (OTA) update to today’s release,” reads Google blog post.

Google Releases Second Android 11 Developer Preview With New Features

5G State API: This feature will allow users to monitor whether they are on a 5G New Radio or non-standalone network. Developers can use this feature in their app to showcase the 5G experience when you are using the app.

Hinge angle for foldable devices: The developer preview 2 comes with a new angle sensor which will provide precise hinge angle. This feature will allow developers to “create adaptive experiences for foldables.”

Call screening service improvements: Google Pixel 4 was the first smartphone to receive automatic call screening feature back in December 2019. This feature allows users to know who’s calling and why even before answering the call. The company has improved this feature in DP2 and now is also comes with a feature through which users can report a reason for call rejection.

Variable refresh rate: This feature will allow the user to set a preferred frame rate on apps and games depending on their requirement.

These are some of the features from the list, you can know more about the second Android 11 developer preview from here.

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