Intel And AMD Might Face Tough Competition With Arrival Of New Players


Intel and AMD are the two major players when it comes to computer chipsets. After AMD debuted in the market, Intel faced a healthy competition and because of their competition, end-users enjoyed purchasing high-end processors in cheap rates. However, it seems both the companies have to take the competition more seriously because of new players arriving in the market. Recently, Amazon announced its Graviton2, which uses Arm’s new Neoverse N1 cores.

Intel And AMD Might Face Tough Competition With Arrival Of New Players

Now, a Parisian company called SiPearl announced that it has inked an agreement with the ARM, which is known for semiconductor manufacturing. The company is said to utilize the ARM IP (Zeus Neoverse CPU) to develop new chipsets which go with Rhea, Chronos and some other unnamed models. Currently, there is no further information about the name of the models.

According to the report, the European Commission is backing up the company as a part of European Processor Initiative Project. The company is aiming to design a high performance, low power microprocessor which is going to power country’s first supercomputer.

Intel And AMD Might Face Tough Competition With Arrival Of New Players

As per the Techradar report, the company is expected to deliver three-generations of the processor in four years. SiPearl is said to be depending on two technology companies called Kalray and Menta.

Meanwhile, do note that SiPearl is not ready to produce any consumer-focused products. Its roadmap is hinting towards an automotive POC (Power over Coax) and an automotive CPU. However, we still don’t know when the company will start manufacturing computer processors until then it might be a relief for Intel and AMD.

Intel And AMD Might Face Tough Competition With Arrival Of New Players

Currently, Intel and AMD are the two manufacturers who are majorly serving the market. The gaming community more prefers AMD processors because it comes with integrated graphics which don’t require a GPU to run games with 1080p resolution.

Even basic AMD Ryzen series processors are capable enough of running games and high-end software without smoothly.


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