ISRO Opens Doors For Private Sector


ISRO is now opening its door for private sectors to use its facilities to improve their field. The announcement comes from Minister of State for Space, Jitendra Singh, who noted that private companies would now be provided a level playing field in satellites, launches, and other space-related activities.

ISRO Opens Doors For Private Sector

Private Players At ISRO Soon

This means that ISRO facilities and other relevant assets will be available for interested private companies, notes PTI. Additionally, future space projects lined up will also be opened for the private sector. This includes ISRO’s plans for planetary exploration and outer space travel.

The new announcement comes as a follow-up to Finance Minister Nirmala Sithraman’s statement of the private sector’s investment and research in the space sector. She had noted that the government was working on providing them a level playing field, by giving them a ‘predictable policy and regulatory environment to private players’.

Not to mention, ISRO has many facilities, research and development centers, communication setups, and more across the country. This also includes sites where Earth observation satellites and rockets are developed to carry up to six tons of payloads to outer space.

At the same time, ISRO is already gearing up for the first manned mission to the outer space. However, there might be a slight delay in ISRO’s schedule for the Gaganyaan mission. Presently, the ISRO Gaganyaan mission is scheduled to liftoff in 2022, but there could be a delay in the trials.

The premier space agency has also planned more than sixty missions over the next five years, which includes sending a man to space, another attempt at Moon landing with the Chandrayaan-3, and also the deep space missions to Mars and Venus.

Private companies in the space sector have been thriving over the past decade. The most recent success story is SpaceX, which carried two NASA astronauts to the International Space Station aboard the Falcon 9 rocket. Having private players in the Indian space sector might further boost research and development. Considering ISRO has a couple of ambitious missions lined up, a push from the private sector might certainly help.

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