ISRO Small Satellite Launch Vehicle Testing Set For Next Month: Details


ISRO operations are in full swing with the premier space agency set to launch several communication satellites this week. Additionally, the Indian Space Research Organization is also working on the Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV). The agency is set to test the new vehicle in December, which is said to benefit immensely.

ISRO Small Satellite Launch Vehicle Testing Set For Next Month

ISRO Small Satellite Launch Vehicle Details

The ISRO SSLV has been in development for a couple of years now. The launch vehicle is designed to carry up to 500 Kg of equipment and travel to low-Earth orbit. Also, as a stage-three launch device, the SSLV can carry 300 Kg equipment to the sun-synchronous orbit.

The ISRO Small Satellite Launch Vehicle comes under the NewSpace India, the commercial wing of the space agency. The NewSpace India will be handling the final production and manufacturing of the SSLV, which will further boost the partnership with Indian industries. The ISRO SSLV under the NewSpace India will be handling every stage of the launch vehicle, of course, once the trial phase is completed.

ISRO Small Satellite Launch Vehicle Benefits

Having an in-house small launch vehicle has several benefits and ISRO is ready to tap into it. The booming market for small satellites is dominated by private and government-owned agencies alike. A small satellite is generally as large as a microwave and weighs up to 600 kg. Having a dedicated small satellite launch vehicle is certainly advantageous as it also helps in the overall liftoff and landing time.

For instance, if a heavy-lift vehicle is used to launch even small satellites, clients would need to wait for months for the satellite to reach the desired orbit. Moreover, the heavy-lift launch vehicle will require a standard number of satellites for every liftoff to be profitable, which in turn, increases the waiting period.

In other words, a small satellite vehicle helps reduce turn-around time. It can also liftoff when the demand rises and further helps make profits out of it. The ISRO Small Satellite Launch Vehicle as a dedicated vehicle for such needs will further help India make a mark in the commercial space segment.

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