ISRO Supports Health Emergency Operating Center For Coronavirus


Coronavirus has clamped the entire country in lockdown and affecting thousands of lives across the world. In a bid to help, ISRO extending support to the Health Emergency Operating Center (HEOC) in Bihar. HEOC will play a vital role in monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19 in India. Currently, this is one of a kind project in India.

ISRO Extends Helping Hand Towards Health Emergency Operating Center

Health Emergency Operating Centre Explained

The Health Emergency Operating Centre is designed to gather specific data and analyzing them to present a clear image. This data would further be used for making quick and appropriate decisions for all kinds of health emergencies.

Bihar’s health minister Mangal Pandey on Saturday said that the construction of this portal has been made by taking the village of the affected area (epicenter) as the base. “This portal will contain information about all the districts and in every district, Corona’s Epicenter will be displayed on the map of that district according to the Containment Zone,” he explained notes The New Indian Express.

This Containment Zone on the HEOC portal will be within a radius of three km of the epicenter. The state government will mark the Epicenter’s Containment Zone and Buffer Zone of coronavirus positive patients marking every village in each zone and the houses located in that village.

What Is ISRO’s Role?

As noted above, data is one of the most important assets for HEOC. ISRO will be playing a vital role in providing the required information. HEOC will also have a map that will have detailed information about the list of villages, the number of houses, and the total population. ISRO will be an important asset to provide this data.

So far, 37 containment zones have been identified in these affected districts. The government further plans to appoint a nodal office, a police offer, and other medical staff in charge of these zones to supervise the affected areas.

Adding to the number of initiatives, Patna AIIMS has written a letter to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) seeking permission to conduct clinical trials of the Plasma Therapy amid growing positive cases. Plasma therapy is said to help combat COVID-19 positive patients, helping them recover soon.

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