ISRO To Launch Brazil Amazonia-1 Satellite Next Month


ISRO is also one of the organizations severely impacted by the pandemic and the lockdown. A lot of ISRO space missions have been delayed or put on hold as scientists are forced to work from home. Now, ISRO is gearing up to launch the Amazonia-1 satellite next month aboard the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV).

ISRO To Launch Brazil’s Amazonia-1 Satellite Next Month

The Financial Express reports that the Amazonia-1 satellite will be the first for Earth observation that is designed, assembled, and tested in Brazil. And ISRO will be aiding the country with the liftoff. For now, it’s confirmed that ISRO will launch the Brazilian satellite next month, but the exact date is still unknown.

As noted, ISRO is having a couple of delays due to the lockdown. The report quotes a top diplomat who said that the launch date depends on ISRO and when it plans to liftoff the observational satellite.

ISRO, Brazil Contract

The Amazonia-1 is part of the Framework Agreement signed between India and Brazil in 2004. The agreement deals with cooperation from both countries for outer space, involving their premier space agencies. Under this agreement, Brazil received data from the ISRO remote sensing satellite, the ResourcesSAT-1.

Apart from this, Brazil and India signed an agreement for cooperation to alter Brazil’s Earth station to receive and process data from ISRO’s Indian Remote Sensing satellites or IRS. The agreement also stated that ISRO would make data from its project readily available to the National Institute for Space Research in Brazil. The data here is primarily about receiving earth observation data, and remote sensing data from areas under the INPE’s domain.

ISRO To Launch Amazonia-1 Satellite

Particularly, the Amazonia-1 satellite is designed and developed to observe and monitor the deforestation of the Amazon forests. Following the recent forest fires in the Amazon, Brazil urged the launch of the satellite for better observation and monitoring.

The Amazonia-1 satellite is among the 36 space and satellite missions ISRO has scheduled for the next two years. The list also includes some of the ambitious missions like the Chandrayaan-3 and an uncrewed mission for Gaganyaan ahead of the human spaceflight mission planned for 2022.

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