ISRO Working On Reusable Rockets, Satellite Constellation As Part Of 10-Year Plan


Beginning the decade, ISRO has listed out its 10-year plan that includes gree fuel and reusable rockets. An ISRO official announced the premiere space agency’s decade-long plan to switch to the sustainable use of resources by bringing in heavy-lift rockets, reusable satellite launch vehicles, semi-cryogenic engines, and so on.

ISRO Green Initiative: What To Expect

ISRO’s Green Switch

One of the agendas topping the list is the switch to go green in the space industry. From the looks of it, ISRO is planning to replace hazardous fuel with non-hazardous fuel that is also environment-friendly for the rockets and the satellites.

The transformation will likely take a while, and this is something we can expect to happen for the next decade. Upcoming missions like the Chandrayaan-3 and the Gaganyaan mission will likely run on the space ships and technology we have at hand.

That said, ISRO Chairman K. Sivan highlighted that the Indian Space Research Organization is looking at green propulsion through hydrogen peroxide in its rocket. Looking at the enthusiasm, the switch could happen for the Gaganyaan mission.

The switch to green and non-hazardous fuel makes sense on several levels. “Since humans will be inside the rocket, we want only non-hazardous fuel and not the hazardous one to power the human space mission’s Gaganyaan rocket,” the ISRO Chief said to IANS.

ISRO Plans The Future

Apart from long-term plans, ISRO has several missions lined up for the near future, including the Gaganyaan mission. Despite the long lockdown in 2020, ISRO seems to have achieved a lot in the past year. The year 2021 will be more fruitful, Sivan said in a new year message.

Speaking of the Gaganyaan mission, Sivan noted that the first unmanned flight under the mission will take flight this year. This would be a great milestone, ISRO Chief said. Apart from this, the Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre (LPSC) will play a key role in the much-awaited high thrust semi-cryogenic propulsion capability soon.

Plus, the ISRO Propulsion Complex (IPRC) will also gear up for advanced testing ahead of the missions. It looks like ISRO has its hands full for the future, especially with ambitious missions like Gaganyaan and the Chandrayaan-3.

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