Motorola Razr Vs Galaxy Z Flip: Specs, Features and Price Comparison


Samsung and Motorola are the only two smartphone manufacturers which are brave enough to commercially release their folding phone. While Motorola is a newbie, Samsung already released a foldable smartphone before. Both smartphones are available globally to buy easily. And if your hands are shaking to get the feel of one of these cutting edge tech and skeptical about which one to buy.

Then here is a small comparison which will help to make your mind and also help you to choose better.


Both the smartphones are a lot different than each other in design terms all because of the brand’s approach. Samsung was trying to fold a traditional smartphone into a smaller form factor while Motorola was trying to revive a legendary smartphone. Motorola had to keep the design and form factor which made the original Moto Razr a hit back then.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is more of an experiment from Samsung to try different folding smartphone designs. But when comes to face off these two smartphones, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is better in every way. It looks like a regular bar smartphone when unfolded, unlike the Moto Razr which has an ugly bezel at the bottom.


The display is the main component making these smartphones stand out of the crowd of all smartphones. Both come with a foldable display but the difference is the implementation and specifications. The display on Moto Razr is a slim yet tall with a big notch on the top for the front-facing camera. This display kind of floats on the rame of the phone and slides a bit down when you fold the phone.

The display on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a more advanced display when compared to the display in Moto Razr. Not in the design but also in the specifications, the display on Galaxy Z Flip is an FHD+ display with a punch hole for the selfie camera. If we talk about the crease in the center then both the smartphone has it, you can feel it while using the smartphone.

Performance and Software

Looking at the performance and software part of the Moto Razr, we can clearly saw that Motorola was only focused on the design of the phone. This smartphone runs on Snapdragon 710 which is an outdated processor. Not only that, but the software is also outdated too, the smartphone is running the Android 9 Pie out of the box.

When comes to the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung went all out and put a flagship processor, Snapdragon 855+ which is just a few months old. Also, this smartphone runs on the OneUI 2.1 based on Android 10. Samsung tweaked its OneUI to match the behavior of the device like when you fold the phone halfway, the UI shifts to the upper half of the display.


Since these smartphones have so much twisted tech inside them, the brands kept the things cool and put a sufficient amount of camera sensors in them. The Moto Razr comes with a 16MP shooter on the flap of the device which can be used as a selfie camera as well. There is a 5MP shooter on the display bezel as well so you can take selfies when the phone is unfolded.

Samsung put a dual camera on the top of the Galaxy Z Flip which includes two 12MP sensors out of which one is wide and the other is ultra-wide. The punch hole on the display holds a 10MP sensor to capture good selfies. The Galaxy Z Flip also comes with a small display on top so you can take selfies with the main camera setup as well.

Battery and Charging

The Moto Razr comes with a 2510mAh battery sitting in the bottom half of the smartphone. You can fast charge this phone using the 15W fast charger provided inside the box. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip comes with a 3300 mAh battery which is split into two parts and you can quickly charge it too using the 15Watt charger, it also comes with wireless charging support.


Both smartphones are quite different in their own way, so your liking might differ from my point of view. But when comes to pricing, I am sure that you will agree with me more. The Moto Razr is priced at Rs 1,24,999 while the Galaxy Z Flip is priced at Rs 1,09,999.


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