NASA, Nokia Partner For 4G LTE Communication On The Moon


NASA is gearing up to launch the Artemis Mission to the Moon, scheduled to liftoff in 2024. For this, NASA would naturally require an efficient and reliable communication setup. For the same reason, NASA is partnering with Nokia, who will be building and providing a 4G LTE cellular network on the Moon.

NASA, Nokia Partner For 4G LTE Communication On The Moon

NASA, Nokia Partner

NASA said in a statement that it would be funding USD 14.1 million to Nokia, who will be setting up the 4G network on the lunar surface. According to the United Press International, NASA Associate Administrator James Reuter said that the 4G cellular service enables astronauts to explore the Moon to communicate with the spacecraft.

“With NASA funding, Nokia will look at how terrestrial technology could be modified for the lunar environment to support reliable, high-rate communications,” he said. To note, the funding adds to USD 370 million for the Artemis funding, which the premier space agency announced recently. Most of the budget funding was channeled to SpaceX and the United Launch Alliance.

Nokia 4G Networks On The Moon

Nokia has been in the news for its network technology lately. Moreover, this won’t be the company’s first attempt to introduce 4G LTE on the lunar surface. Looking back, Nokia joined hands with PTScientists – a German space company and also with the UK-based Vodafone. Nokia and Vodafone had planned to build an LTE network on the Moon that would have sent a high-definition video from the Moon back here on Earth. However, the mission never got off the ground.

Moreover, Nokia has also been aggressively pushing 5G networks as well. The Finnish company has rolled out a new software technology that can upgrade existing 4G networks to 5G. This is especially handy for countries like India, where Tier I, II, and even III cities have good stable 4G networks.

For now, NASA, Nokia partnership is going to be a crucial aspect of the Artemis mission. As communication is key for the astronauts, having a good LTE setup is crucial for the mission. Knowing Nokia’s services, we can expect to see a reliable and stable 4G LTE on the Moon soon.

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