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New Icons On iCloud Website Hints At Smaller iPhone 12 Notch


While we’re sure that many of you would love to see the notch go away on the iPhone, recent reports have suggested that this will not be happening until 2022 at the earliest, or so the rumors claim. However, Apple is making some changes that will make the notch smaller on the iPhone 12.

According to a report from 9to5Mac, it seems that new icons have actually been discovered on the iCloud website in which it seems to hint that the iPhone 12 could indeed have a slightly smaller notch compared to its predecessor. While this sounds like good news, it should be noted that the differences are marginal and you might not even notice it.

In fact, the only time you would notice it is if you were to line up both iPhones and compare them closely, and only then will you see that the notch size is smaller, marginally. It is also too small to make any dramatic changes to the UI, so for the most part, the top portion of the iPhone’s display will still be relatively useless where it’ll only display the time, cellular/WiFi strength, and battery life.

This probably won’t make a difference to most people out there, but maybe for some, the change could be noticeable. Either way, we should have more details about the new iPhones tomorrow so be sure to check back with us then for more updates.

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