NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 GPU Specifications Leaked Online And They Look Impressive



NVIDIA recently confirmed that it is launching the next-generation GPUs on September 1st in an online event called NVIDIA Special Event. The company is expected to announce the latest RTX 3000 series GPUs, including the RTX 3080.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 GPU Specifications Leaked Online

The RTX 3080 is expected to be the most powerful consumer GPU and the leaked specifications reiterate the claim. In the first public benchmark leak by rogame, we get to see some of the specifications of the upcoming NVIDIA GPU.

According to the leak, the RTX 3080 comes with a peak clock speed limit of 2400MHz or 2.4GHz. It supports up to 19GB of GDDR6X video memory with a memory clock speed of 4750MHz. The end product is likely to ship with 10GB of video memory and the graphics card comes with the code name 10DE 2206.

Though these numbers look very impressive, the score posted by the card on the user-benchmark is a bit low when compared to the RTX 2080, which is a bit strange. However, the GPU might be running on a demo driver and with the final build, these scores are likely to change.

The RTX 3080 will be based on the new Ampere architecture which is expected to be much more powerful and power-efficient when compared to the RTX 2080 based on Turing architecture.

The upcoming high-end GPU is likely to use a 256-bit bus interface, offering a peak data transfer speed of 608 GB/s. This could enable better high-resolution gaming at native 4K and 8K resolution.

Considering the amount of VRAM it packs, the RTX 3080 is expected to be significantly costlier than the RTX 3080. And the base variant of the RTX 3080 is expected to pack around 6 to 8GB of video memory instead of 10GB to further reduce the cost of the graphics card.

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