NVIDIA RTX 3090 Likely To Use Vapor Chamber Cooling Technology; How Does It Work?



We are just a few days away from witnessing the launch of the next-generation NVIDIA RTX series of GPUs. The company is expected to launch at least four GPU models with the varied performance starting from $399.

NVIDIA RTX 3090 Likely To Use Vapor Chamber Cooling Technology

NVIDIA has shared a video on how the design of the computer graphics card has evolved over the last few years. Not so long ago, GPUs were just a PCB board with a cooler attached to it. GPUs have become more powerful in the last few years, as a result, they generate more heat than ever before.

The video reveals that the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 series of GPUs (at least the Founders Edition) will come with a vapor chamber cooling technology, which is one of the efficient methods to cool a chipset/processor.

How Does A GPU Works?

A GPU is nothing but a collection of transistors that uses energy to switch on and off, resulting in a computer signal (1 and 0). As a part of this process, heat is generated and it is most commonly transferred using a highly conductive material like copper.

In the case of vapor chamber cooling, the underlying process remains the same. On top of that, a vapor chamber is created and the chamber is filled with a highly conductive liquid. The heat generated by the transistors will be transferred to the chamber by using highly conductive materials.

Then, the liquid inside the vapor chamber will get heated up and the liquid turns into a gas and the heat travels from the bottom of the heat sync to the top part, which is then cooled using a fan or a cooler. This process happens continuously, which results in an overall lower GPU temperature. As there will be no space for the vapors to escape, it will get condensed at the other end and the cycle continues.

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