Penumbral Lunar Eclipse To Start Next Month In India: When To Watch


India is all set to witness another Lunar Eclipse this year. The second out of four penumbral lunar eclipses is expected to be sighted next month. This eclipse is also being termed as the ‘Strawberry Moon Eclipse’ and is one of the major celestial events taking place this year. If you have somehow missed the previous lunar eclipse and wish to catch the upcoming, then this article is what you need to go through.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse To Start Next Month In India: When To Watch

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse: What Is It And How To Watch?

The penumbral lunar eclipse is amongst the three types of lunar eclipses and is an event that takes place when Earth is between the Moon and the Sun. When this penumbral lunar eclipse happens, the Moon orbits through the outer shadow of Earth (called penumbra). During this time, the moon becomes slightly dark which at times is mistaken for a Full Moon as well.

This year the ‘Strawberry Moon Eclipse’ or the penumbral lunar eclipse is expected to begin on June 5 last till June 6. This celestial event is expected to start at 11:15 pm on June 5 and is likely to last till June 6 until 2.34 AM in India.

Additionally, this penumbral lunar eclipse is expected to be visible from the majority of the countries all across the globe. Based on the time zone of a region, one can catch a glimpse of the ‘Strawberry Moon Eclipse’.

Besides, it is further being said that approximately 57 percent of the Moon will be passing through the outer shadow of the Earth (penumbra). This will make it faint in appearance and there is a possibility for the stargazers to catch the glimpse with the Moon passing halfway through. As mentioned earlier, this is the second penumbral lunar eclipse and two more are yet to take place this year.

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