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If you have to share your mobile phone with others, a kid maybe? for their online classes or with any other member of your family. You may not want them to see your personal texts and other data. You can lock some apps, but still, there’s a lot that you can not lock, so let’s talk about a better way to share your phone without compromising your personal data. Google introduced Android Guest Mode a long time ago and it stops other users from accessing your user account and makes a separate account for them.

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Guest Mode looks like a new smartphone with only pre-installed apps. You can easily switch to your user account and also delete this guest account anytime.

Guest Mode on Android

Guest Mode is a temporary user account to use the smartphone. That account won’t be able to access your installed apps and other data. In Guest Mode, the device looks like the factory reset device that has only apps that came pre-installed with the device. All app’s settings will also be reset as if the phone was new. So no other user will snoop around your personal data.

Enable Multiple Users on Your Device

If you want to use Guest Mode on your device, you will first have to turn on the Muti0ple Users feature from settings.

1. Go to Settings on your mobile phone, scroll down to find System, and tap on it.

3. Now tap Advanced and see “Multiple Users”.

3. Turn on the toggle of “Multiple Users”.

That’s it. You can now use Guest Mode on your phone.

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Switch to Guest Mode on Android

After enabling the feature, you can switch to Guest Mode with just a few taps.

1. Swipe down on your Home screen to open the Quick Settings panel and expand it.

2. Tap the User icon (Blue color) in the upper-right corner.

3. After that, select Guest.

That’s it! The phone will switch to Guest Mode and you can give the device to others. You can also turn phone calls on for them if they need but your call history will be shared.

If some guest users will return, they can continue the session or start a new one if you don’t delete the Guest account.

If someone wants to retain their changes for future use, they’ll need a separate profile and you can do that by tapping on “Add user.” from the same settings as above.

Switch to Your Account

To go back to your account, open the Quick Settings again and tap on the user account icon. You can then tap on your Name to go back to your account. You can also tap the “Remove Guest” to delete all the guest session data from the same menu.

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So if you are a privacy-conscious mobile user, and need to share your mobile phone without sharing your data, you can make use of Android’s Guest Mode. For more such tips and tricks, stay tuned!

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