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Photographers searching for an ultracompact portable, smartphone controlled camera slide may be worth giving the aptly named SliderMini further investigation. The easy-to-use pocket sized motorised camera slider is perfect for video, timelapse and stop motion photography and comes complete with its own companion smartphone application. The motorised camera slide can be used with smartphones, compact cameras, video cameras and larger DSLR or mirrorless cameras.

“The macro-precise motor and cutting-edge control technology enables precise and quiet motion control over the balance among strength, duration and smoothness. Powerful motor and torque enables 33.33lb(15kg) carrying capacity (horizontally), let you work efficiently with any phone, camera and DSLR. 0.79 inch (2cm) in thickness, 1.26 lb (0.569kg) in weight, SliderMini easily fits into any backpacks, ready to meet your shooting needs anytime, anywhere. Small but compact, everything is self-contained, nothing to assemble and no external battery to deal with. All that remains outside is an ultra sleek, streamlined, beautiful shape.”

“The live video mode allows you to take full control of real time moving easily. You may play with default settings, or change speed, length, and direction of each shot. Even during the shooting, you can always make changes instantaneously to meet new needs. Our smart powerful app enables you to convert to time-lapse with a single tap and set up your time-lapse in seconds. SliderMini control unit can communicate directly with your DSLR with universal shutter release cable. It’s so simple that everyone can shoot time-lapses.”


Features of the SliderMini camera slider :

– Controlled either by smart APP or by hardware button
– Smooth & steady sliding, silent mode available
– 3 shooting modes: video, timelapse, stop motion
– Preset timelapse modes & customizable library
– Excellent load capacity up to 33 LBS
– Quality material & real unibody design
– Super thin & ultra lightweight

Camera slide

For more information and a complete list of all available features and specifications as well as more demonstration videos jump over to the official Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign page.

Source: Indiegogo

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