SpaceX Starlink To Begin Beta Testing Soon; Applications Open


SpaceX’s success streak seems to be continuing. The SpaceX Starlink project is getting closer to its mission to provide internet connectivity from space with its satellite megaconstellation. The private space company is gearing up for a beta test later this year, after which, a wider rollout is expected.

SpaceX Starlink Project Opens For Best Testers

SpaceX Starlink Beta Testing

The update comes from Steve Jurvetson, SpaceX board director, who tweeted that he’s already trying the SpaceX Starlink internet service. He notes that he went to the SpaceX headquarters to setup a terminal to connect with the satellites overhead. His tweet also includes a screenshot of the Starlink Wi-Fi networks.

At the same time, the Starlink website has also been updated to include beta testing. The official website now opens to “Get updates on Starlink news and service availability in your area” message. Here, users can fill out a form for an email address and zip code to check the availability of the Starlink broadband connection.

SpaceX has been consistently sending satellites for the Starlink project. CEO Elon Musk had noted that at least 400 Starlink satellites are required for a minor coverage and at least 800 for moderate coverage. The latest update of satellite launch brings the total number of Starlink satellite to 540, good enough for minor coverage, which brings it to the beta testing program.

Initially, SpaceX planned for a total of 12,000 Starlink megaconstellation. Later, the company applied to the FCC for increasing the number to 30,000 Starlink satellites. The company notes that Starlink can provide internet speeds of up to a gigabit per second, with latencies ranging from 25 milliseconds to 35 milliseconds.

SpaceX Success Streak

As mentioned, the SpaceX success streak has been doing good for the company. Most recently, the company achieved a milestone with the successful liftoff of the Falcon 9 rocket carrying NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley in the Crew Dragon capsule. The liftoff marked one of the historic launches of the year for both NASA and SpaceX.

With the Starlink opening up for beta testing, the company seems to be adding feathers in its cap. Although there is still a long way to go, the company seems to be on track to deliver what it promised.

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