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SPLACH ultra smooth suspension electric scooter

A new E-Scooter has launched via Indiegogo in the form of the SPLACH, powered by an 800 W motor and capable of speeds up to 25 mph, the electric scooter has a range of 37 miles and offers a compact sporty, ultra smooth ride. Watch the promotional video below to learn more about its specifications, construction and design. The all-terrain electric scooter is equipped with an 8 inch wide solid rear tyre and an 8.5 inch pneumatic front tyre.

Two types of E-Scooter are available :

– TURBO – 800 W motor propels you faster;
– RANGER –  500 W motor takes you on a longer journey.

suspension electric scooter

“Say goodbye to bumps in the road with SPLACH‘s Ultra-Smooth Hot Hatch E-scooter, the ideal vehicle for city commute and cross country racing. We prioritize comfort on functional, entertaining rides. With first-class ultra-smooth suspension system, riding is a joy. With the flexible freedom SPLACH offers, a compact, convenient solution for the first mile, the last mile, and everything in between. The powerful motor allows speedy acceleration, offering riders the excitement of racing. It’s your partner not just for weekdays but also for your laid-back weekends. Balancing comfort and convenience, speed and safety, we are proud to share a revolutionary way of life.”


“Our custom-designed tires of high grip are wider than standard ones, giving SPLACH an enormous contact in any road conditions for optimum traction. The pneumatic, air-filled tires absorb shock, making the ride smooth and enjoyable. With deep, customized tread, steering the scooter in control is a walkover.”

Source : Indiegogo

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