Union Budget 2022 Live Streaming: How To Watch FM Nirmala Sitharaman Speech Live on Your Mobile App?


Union Budget 2022 Live Stream FM Nirmala Sitharaman Speech: The Budget 2022 is the talk of the town. If you’re unaware, the central government will be announcing the budget for this year, 2022. One of the best aspects of this year’s budget is that you don’t need a TV to watch it live. Instead, you can simply head over to YouTube to watch the union budget 2022 live stream.

Union Budget 2022 Live Streaming: All You Need To Know

Union Budget 2022 Date, Time

The union budget 2022 will be presented today, February 1. The union budget will be delivered by India’s finance minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, and will begin at 11 AM from the Indian Parliament. The finance minister as well as other ministers of the central government and state will be present. One can watch the budget session and the budget speech today on various platforms.

Union Budget 2022 Live Stream Link

Generally, the union budget is often telecasted on the TV on the Lok Sabha channel. A lot of TV news channels also telecast the same with discussions from experts. However, if you don’t have a TV or a connection to a TV, worry not. You can still sit back and watch the union budget 2022 on your smartphone.

This time, the union budget 2022 will be live-streamed on YouTube. The PIB or Press Information Bureau has its YouTube channel, which will be live-streaming the union budget 2022. You can head over to the PIB YouTube channel or simply click on the link below to watch the budget session. Plus, you can get regular updates on the union budget app.

Union Budget 2022: What To Expect For Tech World?

The union budget 2022 is the talk of the town with people expecting a boost for economic growth. One of the anticipated discussions at the budget speech is the cryptocurrency bill 2022. Several reports claim the cryptocurrency bill won’t be announced right away at the union budget 2022 as it’s still under discussion and evaluation.

The cryptocurrency bill 2022 is expected to bring in regulations and a boost to digital currency. It might also bring in taxes and other regulations to crypto investors, traders, buyers, and so on. Apart from this, one can also expect some more regulations in data and privacy-related aspects. It remains to see what the budget 2022 brings in for gadgets like smartphones and laptops.

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