Upcoming Intel ARC GPU Specifications Leaked: Can They Compete Against NVIDIA, AMD?


Intel hasn’t shared much about the ARC discreet lineup of GPUs other than the fact that the GPUs will launch in Q1 2022. This info was shared during a brief introduction at Intel Architecture Day 2021. Now, a leakster has obtained a document containing the possible specifications of the various Intel ARC GPU SKUs.

Upcoming Intel ARC GPU Specifications Leaked

According to the leak, there will be at least four different variants of the Intel ARC. While the most powerful model offers features like up to 16GB VRAM and is likely to be meant for high-end desktop PCs, the entry-level ARC GPU will offer 4GB of VRAM and is likely to be designed for thin-and-light gaming laptops.

Intel ARC SKU 1 Details

As per the leaked document, the Intel ARC SKU 1 will be the most powerful GPU of the lot. This iteration of the ARC will have 8 VRAMs of 2GB each, offering a total video memory of 16GB along with 256bit BUS. This version is said to offer 512GB/s of memory bandwidth with a 16Gbps data rate. This GPU will also have the highest number of EUs (512) and is likely to market as a 4K gaming-capable GPU.

Intel ARC SKU 2 Details

The Intel ARC SKU 2 seems like a cutdown version of the SKU 1 with 6VRAMs or 12GB of video memory paired with 192bit memory BUS. This GPU also has a 16Gbps of recommended data rate with 384 EUs. Lastly, it has a memory bandwidth of 384Gbps.

Intel ARC SKU 3 Details

The Intel ARC SKU 3 will be a mid-tier graphics card with 8GB video memory with 4 VRAM. This GPU has 256Gbps and uses a 128bit memory BUS. Considering the specifications, the Intel ARC SKU 3 will be targeted towards 1440p or high-frame-rate 1080p gaming. Just like all the iterations of the ARC GPU, the Intel ARC SKU 3 will also use GDDR6 type video memory.

Intel ARC SKU 4 Details

The Intel ARC SKU 4 is likely to be a mid-range laptop GPU with 4GB GDDR6 video memory with 128bit memory BUS. It will have a maximum memory bandwidth of 112GB/s along with 14Gbps of maximum memory bandwidth.

Intel ARC SKU 5 Details

The last and the least powerful GPU from the Intel ARC lineup is the SKU 5, which has 2VRAM slots with 4GB video memory. This GPU will have a 96bit BUS with 14Gbps of data rate and a max memory bandwidth of 112GB/s.

Three Desktop And Two Laptop GPUs?

Looking at the leaked lineup of Intel ARC GPUs, it looks like the company is planning to launch a total of five Intel ARC GPUs. The Intel ARC SKU 1, SKU 2, and SKU 3 will be high-performance desktop-grade GPUs, while the SKU 4 and the SKU 5 are likely to have lower power envelop and are likely to be optimized for gaming laptops.

As we are just two months away from the completion of Q1 2022, Intel is expected to launch the Intel ARC GPU by the end of February or in March. As of now, there is no information of these GPUs will be available in India from day one.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 25, 2022, 13:02 [IST]

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