Witness The Blue Moon Tonight: What Is Blue Moon And How To Watch It


Skywatchers and enthusiasts are in for a treat tonight (October 31) as the evening sky will host the Blue Moon. Moreover, the Blue Moon will also coincide with Halloween, a popular festival celebrated worldwide. According to NASA, the next Blue Moon on Halloween will come only in 2039! But before we get into the details, here’s a detailed explanation about the Blue Moon:

Witness The Blue Moon Tonight: Here's How To Watch It

What Is The Blue Moon?

The first thing to understand about the Blue Moon is that it won’t really look blue! If it does appear blue, it happens due to the dust and smoke particles in the Earth’s atmosphere. NASA explains that these particles should be wider than 900 nanometers to affect the scattering of red light in the sky, which in turn makes the Moon appear blue.

The Blue Moon is a phenomenon where two full Moons appear in the same month. When this happens, the second Moon to appear that month will be called the Blue Moon. Generally, this happens when there are 31 days in a month. It can also happen in a 30-day month, as it happened on June 30 in 2007. Generally, there are 12 full Moons in a year. But when a Blue Moon occurs, there are 13 full Moons in a year.

How To Watch Blue Moon In India?

If the sky is clear with less pollution, the Blue Moon should be clearly visible in the sky. To note, the Blue Moon tonight (October 31) will reach a peak at 8:19 PM, which should give viewers a great view. NASA also notes that the Blue Moon this time will appear close to Mars. Since it’s also Halloween night, one can enjoy the view if the skies are clear.

Once In A Blue Moon

Blue Moon is more commonly used in a proverbial sense: “Once in a Blue Moon”, which refers to something rare. The October 31 full Moon coincides with Halloween, it’s truly once in a Blue Moon this year!

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